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Final Screenshots

The meeting place is created through the congregation of the two mover-desks in great hall on the upper level. This hall is a secluded meeting space away from the prying eyes of the public, where Obama and Prada can communicate their ideas and plans for the world. Prada comes to this upper level with her ideas and tells Obama about ehr progress through their plans for world domination via the shoe indusry. This hall is long and narrow, providing a long journey for Prada to endure before meeting her boss, showing his power over her. This is emphasised with the cold blue lighting, and stone walls. Added to this the lights are framed with glass pillars, giving the appearance of ice on the walls.

Prada's desk moves along the wall so she may view all of her shoes. They are palced under a light i order to focus the rooms attention on her pride and joy. A long this wall Prada is able to organise and pick out her favourites. If there is a design that she does not like, she make drop it down one of the drain pipes that are placed along the floor at regular intervals. These lead out into the open sky below, sending the rejected shoe to a certain end, as does the career of the designer who did not please Prada.

Prada's desk is situated at the front end of the lower level on a raised platform allowing her to look down upon all those who dare to enter her domain, and gaze upon her shoes. She has a custom designed desk, complete with Prada texture, that allows her to move up and down the hall to look at al her shoes, and then when Obama, her boss, calls a meeting she can journey to the upper level and proceed down the lengthy corridor to where she must provide evidence of progression to President obama.

Obama's office is walled off from the meeting space to allow him the secrecy of a hidden office, away from the eyes of the world. His office has three windowed walls allowing Obama inhindered view of the people giving him absolute power over the people and their lives. Obama's desk has a control panle which he shoots at in orde to activate. It moves up and out of the office, and then down through another opening in a hallway where the desk moves into place to create the dining table with Pradas desk.

The entire space, is situated within the bridge. The lower level "hanging" beneath the upper level, with it's dreaded drain pipes of doom, protruding out of its base. The building out in the sky, allows Prada and Obama the advantage of looking down upon he world to see all they need to see in order to execute their plans for world domination with precision and confidence.


Prada shoe rack texture 20 June 2009)

Prada Logo Texture (accessed 21 June 2009)

Mashup Articles

Barack’s Fashion Invasion

The day has finally come when American politics have their say in the fashion world.
Barack Obama placed the runway and the guests seated around it inside a cage. Yet even without the bars, his audience would have been captive.
Not only is it his moment, it is a level of influence and power for a president that is literally unprecedented from any time since the New Deal and Franklin Roosevelt. If he handles it right, it could be his century.
It's as though he takes a perverse delight in watching onlookers struggle to decipher her unpredictable collections.
Many changes have taken place in the fashion world since the 60s. The sexual revolution showed us he effects of fashion on the people.
It was seen as a sign of women's freedom to dress as they pleased. What we're seeing today is just an extension of that, as the government unleashes their own style upon the nation. And as Barack go low cut, so do the masses.
I do think we are Barack obsessed. It does seem as though one of the manifestations of that is to imitate politicians. They’re got us wearing their clothes; soon we’ll b thinking the same way.
I cannot in my memory remember a time when a president of the United States has had more influence.

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Final UT Map

Note: In the final submission, in order to move the desks, you have to shoot at the control panels of the desk-mover. They are situated behind the chairs of eac work space, on the platform.

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